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Aquaponics Farming Advantages
Aquaponics farming is most sustainable form of food production and it is believed that in the future this form of farming will be the main method of food production. Aquaponics combines the hydroponic growing of vegetables with the farming of fish, each system sustaining and enhancing the other. The fish produce waste, which acts as a fertilizer for the plants. In turn, the plants purify the water for the fish.

An aquaponics system will save you a lot of money, because you will be growing your own food. In addition, it will work out much cheaper than if you had to grow the vegetables and fish separately. This is even more pertinent in the current financial climate, when the food prices keep going up and the price of fresh vegetables and fish has gone through the roof!

The food you grow will be organic, as no pesticides or harmful chemicals are added. You will have peace of mind knowing that the food you are eating is safe, and it will taste better too. Aquaponics farming gives you total flexibility to what vegetables and fish you grow, so whatever you like to eat, you can grow it yourself!

An aquaponics farming system is easy to set up and it doesn't require a lot of space as the whole system is very efficient. Generally, the hydroponic bed will be placed directly above the fish tank, thus making the best use of the available space. It is also very pleasing to look at - it's like having an aquarium with a large gardening container on top! The whole concept and workings of the system is very fascinating and many do it as a hobby. It has all the joys of gardening and fish-keeping, but it is easier and more profitable.

Another advantage over traditional farming and fish growing is that it does not require back-breaking work and dirty clothes, no weeding and no digging. The system will practically work by itself once you get it started!

Last but not least, aquaponics farming can be a lucrative source of income, as organically grown food is highly desirable and fetches good prices. Many people are dedicating whole rooms for aquaponics, so that they will have a lot of food to sell. This system generates a lot of food in least amount of space, making it ideal for growing food for profit. It is very easy to scale, as the same principle apply whether you are setting up a small system in a corner or large one taking up a whole room. Generally, people start with a small set-up, but quickly scale up when they see how efficient and profitable aquaponics farming is!

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